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Finnish sauna overlooking the vineyard

Regional Park of the Euganean Hills was created to protect the area.
We are fortunate to live in a place where you can feel the deep energies coming from this land and from the thermal waters underneath the great Euganean Basin of Abano and Montegrotto.

At Agriturismo Terre Bianche the water that comes from a water table 150 m deep is pure and crystalline, perfect for watering the vegetables and the aromatic herbs in our organic garden, our fruit trees, and the lush surrounding lawn, while the volcanic soil gives a unique taste to our grapes and olives.

Warmth, water, scents, views over lush vegetation and hills with superb distinctive volcanic outlines – we have brought all these elements together in our Finnish sauna that features a window overlooking Nature.

Come and stay at Agriturismo Terre Bianche. Book now and immerse yourself in this land of peace and well-being. Use our sauna to enhance your wellness.

Whether you have spent the day of Nordic walking, or riding your bike along the Euganean Hills cycle path, or in a golf tournament at Montecchia or Frassenelle, or visiting the art cities of Venice, Padua and Vicenza, our sauna will be right there to restore you. Its enveloping heat will help your body to dispose of the lactic acid and ammonia produced during physical activity improving the blood flow to the muscles and your general well-being.
Next to the sauna you will find a wooden tub filled with the healthy fresh water of our deep well that is constantly changed after every use.
From October to April we also organize Wellness Weeks treating our guests with free use of mountain bikes to tour the hills, and freshly squeezed juices made with our vegetable and fruits.

Temperature: 90° Celsius - Humidity: 5 to 15%

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Wellness at the Spas in Terme Euganee

The salty-bromine-iodic thermal waters of the Euganean Spas of Abano, Montegrotto, Battaglia, Galzignano and Teolo have been known since Roman times for their curative thermal mud baths. In Roman times they were called Salus Per Aquam, health by water, hence the acronym SPA. The 5 thermal municipalities form a district of 36 square kilometers and with their more than 100 thermal resorts constitute the largest thermal basin in Europe. Just 10 minutes by car from Agriturismo Terre Bianche you will find a wide choice of indoor and outdoor thermal water pools, both private and public. Also, many hotels with indoor thermal centers are open to daily guests. In Terre Bianche you can purchase entry passes at a reduced price.

Excursions on the Euganean Hills - Trekking, Hiking, Nordic Walking and Running

Within the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills there are 20 different hiking trails with various degrees of difficulty. They are well-marked and equipped. All of them offer spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding Venetian plain. The Euganean hills area, whose perimeter has an elliptical shape, perfectly lends itself to hiking and walking among crops and woods, through villages and walled cities of great historical and architectural interest such as Monselice, Este and Montagnana. Trekking, hiking, Nordic Walking or simply walking are the most powerful way to discover the Park. It is an ideal context to physically and spiritually regenerate yourself while admiring superb views and breathtaking sunsets. In every season, but especially in autumn and spring, you will enjoy the most astonishing landscapes in an unspoiled nature. Route no. 1 Alta Via dei Colli Euganei runs just outsideTerre Bianche. This trail is also part of the route of the Traversata del Colli Euganei, the 42 km trial running Euganean Hills Marathon across bold climbs and steep descents suitable only for the most expert runners.

Also, from Terre Bianche walking along route no. 1 Alta Via dei Colli Euganei you can reach in about 30 minutes Luvigliano and the beautiful Villa dei Vescovi, which belongs to FAI (Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano – Italian Heritage Foundation), while in one hour walk you can arrive in Teolo, the home of the Roman historian Tito Livio.

Moreover, there are walking tours along the Euganean Hills Wine Road to discover 40 local wineries. Many events are organized to taste the aroma and the bouquet of the wines locally produced by the vineyards of the territory. The tastings are often accompanied by the famous Prosciutto di Montagnana and the Schisotto, a typical bread prepared without yeast and consumed in the Euganean Hills and lower Padua’s area.

Fun at the Adventure Park Le Fiorine

Lots of excitement and fun await you in the oak and chestnut woods at Le Fiorine Adventure Park in Teolo.

Swinging from tree trunks across zip lines, waking through rope bridges and climbing hanging nets are an amazing adventure for both the old and the young. Do it in complete safety thanks to harnesses, carabiners and pulleys.

Biking in the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills

Our Regional Park is a spectacular area for cycling. Many bike trails start from Terre Bianche.

E-bike guided tours are organized for both adults and children with qualified expert guides. You can rent e-bikes in various locations. And with GPS navigation in eco-friendly mode you can enjoy an easy green vacation.

The Euganean Hills bike trail is a 64 km loop that mostly winds along the banks of historic waterways. Enjoy the changes of the landscape and stop in one of the many villages along the trail to experience the historical architecture and the poetic significance of this territory.

There are 18 mountain bike trails with steep climbs and descents that will unleash your adrenaline rush through breathtaking landscapes. You can start directly from Terre Bianche along route no. 1 Alta Via dei Colli Euganei.

If you prefer a lazy ride on a city bike, you can pedal on the bike lanes from the Euganean Hills to the Berici Hills, between Padua and Vicenza, to enjoy a unique experience.

And the more fearless may want to try downhill skating. Every August the World Downhill Championship is held in Teolo.


Strong emotions for vertical climbers in the Rocca Pendice at only a few km distance from Terre Bianche.

Playing Golf at the nearby Golf Courses

In the extraordinary Regional Park of the Euganean Hills there are three internationally renowned golf courses well maintained and with excellent service. They are located a short distance from each other to enjoy different golfing experiences.

The Frassanelle Golf Club has 18 holes and is set in a 19th century landscaped park that covers an area of 200 hectares. The park was designed by Giuseppe Jappelli, the same architect who also designed the celebrated Caffè Pedrocchi in Padua. A delightful little lake and a rich and luxuriant flora frame the golf course. The main building is located in a 17th century structure of great charm that incorporates the Clubhouse skillfully furnished in English style. Hole 15 called La Regina is particularly attractive.

The 27-hole Montecchia Golf Club is located between a towered medieval castle and the superb 16th century villa of the Counts Emo Capodilista. The beautiful and cozy Clubhouse, built from an old tobacco dryer, has a renowned restaurant. Also, it offers a large swimming pool surrounded by greenery. The course with 5 ponds was designed by the English architect Macauley.

The 18-hole Galzignano Golf Club is skillfully located in the surroundings of the historical monumental garden of Valsanzibio. It is the oldest golf course in the area and one of the best in Italy. It has hosted major Championships and the Italian Open. It offers a swimming pool, a sauna and a renowned restaurant.

Horseback Riding on the Euganean Hills

The Regional Park of the Euganean Hills offers many beautiful well traced and safe horseback riding trails. While horseback riding in the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills you can arrive in places unreachable on foot. Some riding trails are more suitable for advanced riders but the Park also organizes riding courses for beginners who can choose trails of various lengths suitable to any level. Just 500 m from Terre Bianche there is a riding school with a skillful instructor qualified as Federal Equestrian Tourism Guide who can pick you up directly from your vacation apartment in Terre Bianche. In the neighborhood there are several stables where you can practice horseback riding at various levels. The best seasons for horseback riding are spring and autumn when the foliage of the thick and rich vegetation of the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills turns into amazing colors. Do not miss the experience to enjoy nature from the saddle of a horse!