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Not far from the agriturismo are Vicenza, the pearl of the Renaissance, and the ancient city of Padua. But also Venice, the medieval Monselice and Montagnana and the neoclassical villas of Palladio…

Historical Gardens in the province of Padua

Do not hesitate to ask us for advice and suggestions regarding the numerous gardens in the Province of Padua, extraordinary examples of landscape architecture; an age-old art that has helped make famous our architects all over the world. Some of the gardens of the VENECIAN AND PALLADIAN VILLAS are close to the Euganean Hills and easily accessible
from Agriturismo Terre Bianche.

Within a 30 km range you can visit:

  • Villa Emo Capodilista Garden – Monselice
  • Villa Barbarigo Garden - Valsansibio
  • Villa Valmarana Garden - Saonara
  • Villa Vescovana Garden - Vescovana
  • Old and New Botanical…

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Out of the Box

And for those who are interested in finding the unusual, the surprise, the experience most tourists don’t get to see as they run from one highlight to another, think…

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