Itineraries of the Spirit

Monasteries, convents and sanctuaries are scattered across the Euganean Hills and the province of Padua, which has always been an important religious and spiritual center. In these sacred places you will be immersed in a surprisingly magical atmosphere. Many of these sites are located just 10 km from Agriturismo Terre Bianche.

In the quiet medieval atmosphere of the Abbazia di Santa Maria Assunta, a Benedictine Abbey located in Praglia, you can admire precious treasures such as the chapter room, the 15th-16th century large monumental refectory, the ancient library characterized by a wooden ceiling adorned with a valuable painting cycle by Zelotti (1550), and four communicating cloisters, one of which is hanging. The Abbey has a remarkable Laboratory for the restoration of books and works of art on paper, which has international fame. Also, every Sunday at 11 a.m. an evocative mass with Gregorian chants is celebrated.

The Sanctuary of Monteortone, at the base of the homonymic hill, is a sanctuary consecrated to the Blessed Virgin of Health. Inside there is a valuable cycle of frescoes by Jacopo da Montagnana and a crucifixion by Palma il Giovane.

The Sanctuary of Monte della Madonna is a small and quite ancient 15th century Benedictine hermitage that belongs to the friars of Praglia. It is surrounded by greenery and tranquility.

In Abano Terme you can visit the Monastery of San Daniele dating back to 1086. It was long inhabited by the Benedictines of the Basilica of St. Justina in Padua. Next to it, there is a charming little church built in 1711 by Francesco Muttoni.

Situated in an appealing position on the hilly landscape, the Hermitage of Monte Rua in Torreglia is still inhabited by Camaldolese monks who pray, work and cultivate their vegetable garden. The walls that surround it, enclose a church and 14 cells, each of them with a bed, a small study and a private garden. Originally built in wood, it was then restored in stone, and it perfectly blends with the landscape. The peaceful atmosphere of the hermitage is imbued of prayers and meditation. However, only men can access it!