Out of the Box

And for those who are interested in finding the unusual, the surprise, the experience most tourists don’t get to see as they run from one highlight to another, think of.

The PRE-CINEMA Museum, Padova 20 minutes away from Terre Bianche, also known as the museum “the Magic Lantern”, whose curator won the 2008 Jean Mitry Prize, has become of international renown. This museum offers various pre-cinema journeys that show how the World of Cinema came about, such as Goethe’s Italian Journey, the Italian Visions by Dickens, In Search of Lost Time and Victorian Christmas, and for recent activities go to Facebook.

Brand new MUSME (inaugurated June 2015), Padova’s museum of the History of Medicine located in the monumental complex of the ancient Hospital of San Francesco built in 1414, interactive and original, discover Medicine the way you’ve never seen it before!

The Museum of Jews (inaugurated June 2015). Padova is known all through history as the city of medicine and jews.

The Esapolis Museum of Insects, Padova only 20 minutes away, has a Mission: to show the world of insects to everybody, old and young. But, only for those who are not afraid of LIVE insects!

The international mask museum of Amleto and Donato Sartori, at Abano Terme 10 minutes away from Terre Bianche, which offers besides an important collection of masks which follows their ethnological and anthropological history through many important ritual and tribal functions, various activities such as the Seminar “Art of the Mask in the Commedia dell’Arte”, scientific research for the Masks and Gestural Structures Centre, courses and teaching in collaboration with the University of Padua, conferences and workshops on restoration, painting, conservation and sculpture.

The MUVEC, the museum of bells (Museo delle Campane e dei Campanelli) in Montegalda, here 12 minutes away, set in the context of a “Villa Veneta” and its historical gardens.