Regional Park of the Euganean Hills was created to protect the area.
We are fortunate to live in a place where you can feel the deep energies coming from this land and from the thermal waters underneath the great Euganean Basin of Abano and Montegrotto.

At Agriturismo Terre Bianche the water that comes from a water table 150 m deep is pure and crystalline, perfect for watering the vegetables and the aromatic herbs in our organic garden, our fruit trees, and the lush surrounding lawn, while the volcanic soil gives a unique taste to our grapes and olives.

Warmth, water, scents, views over lush vegetation and hills with superb distinctive volcanic outlines – we have brought all these elements together in our Finnish sauna that features a window overlooking Nature.

Come and stay at Agriturismo Terre Bianche. Book now and immerse yourself in this land of peace and well-being. Use our sauna to enhance your wellness.

Whether you have spent the day of Nordic walking, or riding your bike along the Euganean Hills cycle path, or in a golf tournament at Montecchia or Frassenelle, or visiting the art cities of Venice, Padua and Vicenza, our sauna will be right there to restore you. Its enveloping heat will help your body to dispose of the lactic acid and ammonia produced during physical activity improving the blood flow to the muscles and your general well-being.
Next to the sauna you will find a wooden tub filled with the healthy fresh water of our deep well that is constantly changed after every use.
From October to April we also organize Wellness Weeks treating our guests with free use of mountain bikes to tour the hills, and freshly squeezed juices made with our vegetable and fruits.

Temperature: 90° Celsius - Humidity: 5 to 15%

The Euganean Hills are ancient extinct volcanoes as you can see from the shape. We are lucky to live in this protected Regional Park area receiving all the deep energy that they give off from the earth and from the thermal waters of the great Euganean basin of Abano and Montegrotto.

The water that we bring to the surface privately from a depth of 150 meters is pure and clear, ideal for growing the plants in our organic garden, fruit trees, aromatic herbs and all the lush lawns surrounding the Agriturismo Terre Bianche.

The volcanic earth gives an incomparable taste especially to our grapes and our olives.

Warmth, water, aromas, views of the luxuriant vegetation and hills with unmistakable superb volcanic profiles: we have combined all these elements in our Finnish sauna with a overlooking window of the surrounding Nature. Come and visit us.

Guests staying in our apartments or rooms can use the Sauna to augment the well-being of their stay.

Nothing more regenerative after a Nordik walk or a Bike tour along the Euganean Hills Cycling Ring or a golf tournament at Montecchia or Frassanelle.

Effective even simply at the return from your visit to the Art cities of Padua, Vicenza or Venice. To complement the sauna a wooden tub that we will fill in sauna in sauna with the healthy and fresh water of our well.

The enveloping warmth of the sauna after sports will help your body dispose of lactic acid and ammonia produced during your training, improving blood flow to muscles and your general well-being.

From October to April we organize the Wellness Weeks offering our guests mountain bikes and smoothies with seasonal fruit and vegetables.