Park of the Euganean Hills

Here nature offers unforgettable moments of beauty and surprises as you can vary your walks from steep rocky climbs to gentle slopes of olive trees and vineyards. In every season.

Open country side and calcerous meadows with natural springs are alternated with forests of Oak, Chestnut, Carpinus Betulus, Arbutus Unedo and ash trees.

You can find numerous botanical species, such as indigenous orchids and lillies, Ruta Patavina, the Fico d’India nano (Optuntia Compressa), Aglio Orsino, Amaryllidaceae, Helleborus Viridis, and various anemones, and other flowers.

And on the odd occasion, you may meet a fox, a pheasant, hares, martens and uncountable birds such as owls, falcons, cuckoos, nightingales, hoopoes and woodpeckers.

Everywhere you can find traces of our past: fortifications, monasteries, villas, retreats, historical gardens, and even settlements of civilizations up to 35 million years old.

Famous people spent time here: Petrarca, Byron, Shelley, Ugo Foscolo, Pollini and many others.